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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are now included as standard equipment on many high performance automobiles. From model year 2008 all new cars must have TPMS fitted in USA. TPMS use sensors in the wheels to transmit important information such as pressure and temperature to ECM or display. Typically sensors only transmit data while the car is in motion, therefore when servicing or replacing wheels a tool is required to initiate (or force) the sensor to transmit its data. The IT7000 tool is a specialist TPMS reset tool for your high performance car which initiates sensors so that the cars ECM can be reprogrammed. 

This tool is commonly used when the owner wishes to replace his standard wheels with a set of custom or race wheels and needs to reprogram the receiver with the new TPMS ID. The tool is also used every time the wheels/tires are rotated and whenever a wheel or TPMS is replaced. The tool has two primary functions:

Diagnostic - Prior to servicing the vehicle the tool is used to confirm that the wheels are functioning properly

  Programming - You can initiate sensor and read ID sequence and replace original ID of cars ECM.

Start TPMS programming at the LEFT FRONT wheel. Initiate the sensor with the tool held against the rubber of the tire, at a 30 to 45 degree angle pointed towards the valve. You will receive a Green LED light response from the tool. Proceed to the RIGHT REAR and then the LEFT REAR. If the vehicle is equipped with a TPMS in the spare it would typically be programmed last (refer to the vehicle service manual).

Part NO:SC_IT7000


Operation Voltage: DC 8~30 V
Operation temperature: -40~85
Low frequency (125KHz)wake up the TPMS Sensor
Read sensor ID, Battery voltage, measuring temperature& pressure.
Update ID to receiver.
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