OBD2 mini Dongle AT3647


LD1000 Real time monitoring tire pressure, temperature, battery status .
Alarm high /low threshold is adjustable .
Detecting car battery and low battery alert.
High brightness LED display with 15 section dimming.
Easily sensor ID learning function.
Multi pressure and temperature units selcetion.
Support AT62,AT67,M30, and OE sensors.

OBD2TPMS (BT6000 serial ) won 2013 innovation award



DIY design, OBD2 connect to car ECU.
Support IOS9141,KWP2000, CAN BUS, TOYOTA,NISSAN,Hyundai,...20 protocols, thousands of car models.
Monitoring tire status in real time. AT67 or M30 sensor is available.
Bluetooth interface. Made for iPhone/iPad.
Saving Fuel App will rate your driving, monitor car condition, and tire pressure and temperature.
Compatible with Android or Windows PC OBD2 diagnostic software.


4C HUD ( ET9000)let your smart phone as a block box

 For iPhone packaging

4C HUD is a novel multi-functional head-up display that integrates mobile communication, vehicle info and consumer electronic products. It provides the driver with vital safety data through OBDII connection to the vehicle's ECU. The traffic information can be transmitted to all kinds of consumer electronic products, such as smart phones via a Bluetooth interface. In this way, a mobile phone can also work as a black box to record complete traffic information. When the displayed data indicates an abnormality, the head-up display will alert the driver by light and sound.

Saving Fuel

The APP monitored your acceleration, braking, cornering, idling, to gather overall score for each trip. It scores your driving behavior and car health gives you tips to help you safe driving.


Safe Start: Turn your phone into BLACK BOX
it records the following data:
* Video and Audio
* GPS location, speed, and altitude
* Calculated distance traveled

Download APP from Android market!
Support Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Japanese


For Heavy-Duty Vehicle Interpreter Module

SAE J1587 &  FMS J1939 protocol, and special vehicle model protocol.      


Daimler AG, Scania AB ,Iveco SpA,

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Volvo Truck, DAF Trucks N.V.,
Renault Trucks, FUSO, HINO,  ....., more information please refer to package list .

Interpreter & Cable package list

  • Dimensions: 85 x 23 x 27mm
  • Status indicator: Power, Vehicle Data Tx/Rx, and RS232 data out
  • Interface: RS232 /UART/Bluetooth
  • Transmitter System Diagnostic Code and Occurrence Count Table
  • Model list:
    AT1939, support J1939 with RS232 interface.
    AT1708, support J1708(J1587) with RS232 interface.
    AT3647, support J1939 and J1708(J1587) with RS232 interface.
    MT3647, support J1939 and J1708(J1587) , PCBA module.
    AT3648, support DENSO ECU, HINO, FUSO, Mercedes, DAF, HYUNDAI, UD, Iveco truck,  with RS232 interface.
    AT3648 and MT3648 support the same protocol
Speed, RPM , Brake Switch , Clutch Switch, Accelerator pedal,  Cruise control active, PTO active, Fuel level, Odometer, Total fuel, Tachograph work status, Tachograph speed, Tachograph performance, handling an event status, Service distance, Engine hours, Engine Coolant temperature, Axle weight, Vehicle ID


 Passenger car information interpreter 多功能汽車資訊整合方案

       Part NO:AT0428  / AT3642 Interpreter Kit

       Part NO:MT1200   OBD2 PCBA Module

       Part NO:AT1200   OBD2 interpreter Kit with UART

  J1850 PWM (Generally ford vehicles manufactured between 1996-2005)
J1850 VPW (GM & some Chrysler vehicles)
KWP2000 (FIAT,Saturn and some imports)
ISO15765-4 (CAN) (most 2005 & newer vehicles)
TOYOTA, NISSAN, Hyundai, BMW,BENZ,...over 20 protocols
CAN BUS Equipped vehicles LIST
Is a high-integrity serial data communications bus for real-time applications
Has excellent error detection and confinement capabilities
Hardware interface: RS232 or UART,  use AT command to access car information.
Provide car speed, rpm, engine temperature, battery voltage, throttle position, fuel & travel  distance, engine loading,....etc
Apply to:
DVR integration
Car Media Player integration
Multi-function meter or HUD
GSM Tracker
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