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for 4 wheels car, detail information download

LM6180T,  Smart Tractor & Trailer TPMS

Multinational patented design granted.

Smart main unit (LM6180) placed on tractor, transceiver (TR30) placed on the trailer, and Thru Flow TPMS External Sensor (AT69TS) installed on the wheel.

Smart Tractor & Trailer TPMS can be easily set up by these 3 items. 


Main features:

v Smart main unit will search and match Transceiver (TR30) automatically.
v Real-time monitor tire pressure , temperature, sensor’s battery voltage, and used time.
v Tire pressure and temperature units are selectable.
v 7 color back light LCM display provide visible and audible alert.
v Transceiver( TR30) communicate with main unit via wireless UHF, support smart phone to assign sensor ID by APP. TR30 also provides LED to indicate sensor working.
v Thru Flow External Sensor (AT69TS) is easy installation and inflated directly no need to remove it from the tire.


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