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Professional integration design


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Head Up Display (HUD)
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles Protocol Interpreter
  • EDR Integration solution
  • Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • OBD2 Scan Tool

All Kinds of Integration

  • CAN BUS Gateway for A Wide Range of Vehicles
  • DVR + OBD2 Interpreter
  • DVR Black Box for Heavy Duty Vehicle
  • TPMS + HUD
  • TPMS + HUD + GPS
  • TPMS + Rear-Mirror + Parking Sensor
  • TPMS + HUD + Parking Sensor
  • TPMS + Two Dins ( One Din ) Media

Professional Design

  • ID Design Service
  • Controller PCB Design & Layout Service
  • RF Design & Layout Service
  • Integration Interface design Service
  • Hardware and Software Design Service

Main Customer

  • Car Manufacturer
  • PDI
  • Aftermarket Channel
  • System Integration Company
  • Tire Manufacturer

Vehicle list


Safety Equipments Provider


Company History

The Beginning of ATBS

ATBS Technology Co. was founded in 2006. We released TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) for motorcycles, sedans, buses and trucks. Moreover, our TPMS has been adopted by Taipei MaoKong Gondola for more than a decade. We are able to monitor nearly 1000 wheels at the same time in one terminal. Afterwards, we began to introduce our products to car manufacturers. As our products become more diversified, we began to provide a wider range of OEM and ODM services.

2006 - 2009

MFi License Granted by Apple

In 2010, ATBS Technology Co. released vehicle interpreters and modules; both products are compatible with both OBDⅡ and EOBD standard and supporting more than 5000 different types of vehicle, such as sedans, buses and trucks. We also provide customized service to integrate our products into your vehicles or other electronic devices (2 DINS machine, displayer and driving recorder, etc...). In 2011, ATBS Technology Co. developed Interpreter with Head-Up Display (HUD). Our products began to be adopted as standard equipment by famous brands of vehicle; most importantly, in the same year our products acquired the Apple MFi License.

2010 - 2013

Taipei AMPA Innovation Award

Since 2010, ATBS has participated in Taipei AMPA and been continuously nominated for eight years with five awards. The two main achievements are Thru Flow TPMS Sensors which won 2014 Innovation Award in Silver and AT100G which won 2017 Innovation Award in Silver. These nominations and awards are affirmative with respect to our research and development capabilities.

2014 - 2017

Pushing The Limit

Nowadays, ATBS Technology Co. provides both OEM and ODM services for customers. We have two main specialties of the core business: TPMS Solution and OBDII interpreter. Our products support both iOS and Android devices. Other than self-manufacturing products, we also support customers to integrate different kinds of product into different vehicles and devices. Even fleet management for buses, trucks or commercial vehicles will not be a problem for us.

2018 -

Awards & Patents

ATBS has been nominated as innovation award lasting for 8 years and received more than 20 patents

Taipei AMPA Innovation Award

U.S. Patents

International Patents

Besides, the products of ATBS have been meeted lots of environmental protection regulation, vehicle testing standards and electromagnetic compatibility certifications in the world.

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